How to test whether your Android device is compatible with Lumen Smart Bulb?

1) Is your device a Bluetooth Smart ready devices?  (That means the devices has to have Bluetooth v4.0) —Hardware

2) Has your devices updated to Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 – Operation system

3) Is your device a Samsung device?  There is bug in Samsung Android 4.3 update which affects Lumen connectivity.

What to do!?

1) Currently only Lumen produced in 2014 will work with Samsung

2) We have contacted Samsung and they will fix this issue in their next software updated.

3) We are working on a “Over the air” firmware upgrade which will publish by Jan.  All current Lumen will able to work with Samsung

Why my Samsung phone is not connecting to Lumen? =(

Our team has been trying very hard and keeping our fingers crossed to solve this issue. Unfortunately it is a bug with Samsung phones and we have already asked Samsung to try to fix it. This issue only apply to Android that made by Samsung (Including Nexus 10). The Lumen works fine with Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 and HTC One.

What to do!?

1) We have contacted Samsung and they will fix this issue in their next software updated.

2) We are working on a “Over the air” firmware upgrade which will publish by Jan.  All current Lumen will able to work with Samsung

3) Currently Lumen produced in 2014 with firmware 1.2 will work with Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 and Note 3

How to use Lumen Smart bulb?

Please refer to the demo video for instructions.

Can one or more smart devices control the light at the same time?

For security purpose, only one device can control the lights at a time.

Please make sure no other device is connected to the same bulb at the same time.

How many bulbs can you control at one time?

You can control as many as 10 bulbs at a time.

Which iOS devices are compatible with Lumen Smart Bulb?

Lumen is compatible with the following Bluetooth Smart (4.0) enabled iOS devices:

iPhone 4s /5 /5c /5s, iPod Touch 5th generation, New iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air.

What is the communication network range for Bluetooth 4.0?

Bluetooth 4.0 has a communication network range of 30ft.

Do I need to connect to the internet in order to control the bulb?

The good thing about using Bluetooth is that you DO NOT need internet in order to control the bulb.  Simply install the bulb and open the Lumen App, then you are ready to go.  It’s that simple.

Version 3.13 Updated App won’t open and crashes

Version 3.13 of the app is created for iOS7.04 updates. However this version of the app has a bug that clashes with the old app on the phone.

1) Please delete the app from the phone (press and hold the app icon for three seconds)
2) Reinstall the app from the app store

The app should start working normally.

In the meanwhile we are fixing the bug

Updated to iOS 7.04 and the Lumen App won’t open

iOS 7.04 updates may cause the Lumen App to be not compatible with the device anymore.

1) Please delete the old Lumen App from the device. (Press 3 seconds on the app icon)

2) Re-download the Lumen App with the latest update Version 3.13 from the app store.

* All previous settings in the App may be lost and need to reset the bulbs again.

Lumen Demo Video

Can the Lumen Smart Bulb and Bluetooth Speaker connect to my phone simultaneously?

Yes, you can~

What is AutoLink?

As you know there are restrictions on the max no.of Bluetooth products that can be connected to iOS devices at the sametime. Auto Link is a in app function that allows you to connect more than 6 Lumen Smart bulbs at the same time. Here is a demo to show you how to use this function.

What to do when the bulb is not connecting?

Please Check the following:

1. The Bluetooth on your phone is turned ON.

2. The Light Bulb is switched ON.

3. Stay within ~30 ft from the bulb.

4. No other device is connected to the same bulb.

5. Open the Lumen App before turning on the light bulb for the first time connection. (because there is a 30 seconds connection window, you will not be able to connect to the bulb after 30 secs. This is for security purpose, in case your neighbor wants to connect to your bulb.)

If everything above is checked and still doesn’t work.  Follow the below procedure to RESET the bulb. 

1. Switch off all the light bulbs

2. Quit the App

3. Turn the Bluetooth on your phone OFF, Then ON again.

4. Restart the App

5. Switch on the Light bulb